EKO GIPS plaster bandage and PVC urine bags manufacturing and distribution

The main products are plaster of paris bandage EKO GIPS and PVC urine bags.

The plaster of paris bandage EKO GIPS is used for the immobilization of extremities due to the various indications (bone fractures, injuries of tendons and ligaments), as well as other parts of the body, where is by physician specified the treatment of temporary immobilization.

EKO GIPS plaster of paris bandage is manufactured using special technology, which is in accordance with the highest environmental standards, which do not use harmful solvents and where the only solvent is water.

As such, EKO GIPS is a unique product in the market and is very different from the same products from other manufacturers. 

The big advantage of EKO GIPS, except its advantage of non-using of harmful solvents, is that it is made of high quality natural gypsum and 100% pure cotton gauze.

Natural gypsum regulates the moisture in the skin and provides necessary air circulation during immobilization. 

There are three standard types of EKO GIPS, which differ in the beginning of setting time. In other words, it is time for modeling which should be completed before of beginning of gypsum setting when plaster begins to release heat.

Depending on the type of injury, place of injury, time of immobilization and patients needs, orthopedic technicians use different kinds of EKO GIPS.