EKO GIPS - plaster of paris bandages

Gypsum bandage – EKO GIPS is intended for immobilization of extremities due to various indications (bone fractures, injuries to tendons and ligaments) as well as other parts of the body, where it is by a doctor, in order treatment indicated temporary immobilization as a treatment method.

EKO GIPS plaster bandage is produced using special technology, which is in accordance with the highest ecological standards, in which no harmful solvents are used and where the only solvent is water. Like such EKO GIPS represents a unique product on the market, which significantly differs from similar products other manufacturers.

Plaster bandages with various types of setteling time

You need a custom tailored production of plaster bandages?

In addition to these standard types of plaster bandages, a special order for the production of plaster bandages is possible bends with precisely defined characteristics.

In this way, we want to satisfy the needs of all our users both domestic and foreign market.