3S Invest products: Medical supplies and medical devices

3S Invest distributes a wide range of medical devices and  medical supply products

In addition to the production of plaster bandages and urine bags, the company supplies domestic health institutions and wholesalers with a wide range of medical consumables.

Product list of medical supplies and devices :

  • PVC Urine Bags

  • Plaster of paris bandage Eko Gips

  • Synthetic Bandage

  • Padding bandage

  • Elastic bandage

  • Calico bandage

  • Compression Stockings

  • Medical cotton wool

  • Zig Zag Cotton

  • Cellulose wadding

  • Sterile cotton gauze

  • Sterile compression gauze

  • Cotton gauze

  • Non-sterile Compression gauze

  • Latex gloves- with powder or powder free

  • Nitrile gloves powder free

  • Non-sterile medical gloves

  • Carbon steel surgical blade

  • Stainless steel surgical blade

  • Safety scalpels

  • Blood lancets

  • Automatic lancets

  • Surgical gowns

  • Surgical covers

  • Non- Woven surgical cap

  • Non-Woven surgical shoe cover

  • Sterile syringes

  • Injection needles of standard sizes or for special purposes

  • IV cannula

  • Disinfectants for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

  • Disinfectants for instruments

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